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Birthday Blues

It’s not uncommon for us to have Birthday Blues. Why, because our birthdays are all about us! Sometimes, when those that are closest to us don’t realize that and fail to show up the way we “expect” them to, we can generate some resentment,... read more

we can grow anywhere

We are never alone! This is at the core of all spiritual teachings. There are spiritual teachers and guides, just waiting for us to ASK for help. God is always there for us. He gives freely, all we have to do is ASK. “A Course In Miracles” says “Your passage through... read more

remembering our INNOCENCE

The Joy of Innocence! Although it may not be remembered, most of us experienced a time of innocence,  free of fears, judgments, expectations and resentment. We were just a vessel of unconditional love. The Course in Miracles says “The understanding of the... read more


“DJ’s own inner-connection to self, God, and others was the amazing vehicle that allowed her to lead us so smoothly, comfortably, compassionately and lovingly. There’s no doubt she was following God’s lead, as she truthfully shared with us at the beginning, and I believe it created the environment that allowed special healing to occur.”



“What a wonderful weekend retreat! DJ created an atmosphere, assisted by Nature (herself), color, fragrance, music and precious gems, and teachings which helped all of us let go of “stuff” that no longer served our good and taught us new tools to walk back into our worlds with more Joy! Give yourself a gift of a retreat with DJ, you deserve it and those you love deserve it.”


“There’s power in stopping the chaos of the physical world to let your spirit SOAR—Soar to new heights with greater love, dreaming, creativity, and purpose! Grant yourself the gift of this next adventure–Come play with God in ways in which maybe you have forgotten or may have not ever experienced. The last adventure for me was a rebirth in purity, harmony, and joy-I wander what awaits you…?”


“DJ, you are a great asset to my life. Your participation in my life has had a great affect. To this day, the wave of change created by that weekend continues to carry me forward into new adventures in life. Thank you for being you and helping me in such a great way.”


DJ’s Retreat is a gift you give yourself, best friend, and sister! DJ’s strength is teaching us to change the issues we carry – into positives, “what ifs” and “Oh yes I can!” I learned to speak honestly and with love to those in my life – especially myself. The energy of Retreats creates JOY in my heart and soul.


“It is difficult to express with words how rich the experience is of receiving DJ’s gift through her personal coaching. I have been working with DJ about two years, and the positive impact this work has made in my personal, spiritual, and work relationships has been invaluable. I am so grateful to have found DJ as a resource in helping me to manage my life. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to live a more conscious, purposeful life.”

Amy S