LifeCoachDJ hands up surrender at Lake Texoma
LifeCoachDJ rubbing tigers belly
LifeCoachDJ and Tibetan Monk
Face Your Fears - LifeCoachDJ holding a bat
LifeCoachDJ trainings

DJ is an author, international speaker, spiritual teacher and transformational guide, supporting individuals and businesses in reaching their highest potential. She is known for her ability to meet people where they are; empowering their transformation by shining a light on the thinking that causes limiting beliefs, struggle or suffering; thereby opening the door to endless creativity. 

A near death experience sent DJ on a search for answers to explain a deep yearning she felt to live a different life. That journey led her to healers, spiritual guides and shamans where she learned new ways of thinking, breath work, meditation, reiki, yoga, QiGong, tapping and other healing modalities. She is continually growing and creating unique processes that she uses in her teachings and retreats which she has facilitated for over a decade.

DJ is inspiring a global shift in thinking, bringing to the forefront the awareness that “We are all connected and are each uniquely imprinted with Divine greatness.” DJ’s teachings inspire and encourage individuals and businesses to think bigger and step into the unknown realm of infinite possibilities unleashing their natural creative nature.