Do Something Different

The only way to get something different in our lives is to do something different!

They say a sign of insanity, is to do the same thing over and over again hoping for a different outcome. 

It’s easy for us to get stuck in the ordinary, the routine of our lives. It takes courage and the willingness to step into the unknown to experience something new and exciting. Sometimes when we think about doing something new, we get nervous or even scared because we don’t know what to expect; we don’t know what is on the other side. We can get stuck in the rut of everyday living and soon it can turn into a canyon that we can’t see beyond, creating even more anxiety and fear to climb out of.

I have been wanting to stop at this island for a long time. My fears had stopped me. Is it safe to pull up to on my jet ski? I’ve never seen any boats there, is it safe? I finally got over myself and my fearful thoughts and let my love for exploring the wonderment and awe that awaits us around uncertain turns win my heart.

I can’t wait to see what Spirit has waiting for me and you the next time we choose love over fear.

I would love to hear what happens!


blessings & love,


Until next time,

BE RadiantRadicalReal




Here we are in the middle of the year. Half the year is over or half the year is beginning, it’s all how we choose to look at it. We can look backward or we can look forward.

Do you remember what you set out to do this year? Did you want to feel better physically or mentally? Maybe you wanted to find a new job or do something different. Were you planning on doing more traveling or engage in more fun activities? How about the desire to connect with more people or deepen relationships? Do you think about these things?

I do! This life seems to be traveling extraordinarily fast and I want to make the very most of it. Sometimes I feel like I am on a runaway train and I can’t find the brakes to stop and soak up the experience and wonderment of the moment.

We tend to spend a lot of time thinking about things that we have and haven’t done, looking back and looking forward.

Looking back can be a valuable tool for learning from past experiences as long as we don’t bring fear, pain or resentment into the present moment because the present moment is all there really is. The past is a memory of our perception of what happened. Two people can experience the exact same thing and have different perceptions and memories of what happened.

Looking forward can have value because it can open our imagination up to endless possibilities. Side note… bringing our past stories and limitations into this present moment can limit our potentiality for creating a life that we love.

What if…. we looked at this present moment from the perspective of seeing everything for the first time, just like a newborn, without labels or judgments. Remember the wonderment of seeing a bird for the first time or a plane or a giraffe?  How about the first time we saw fireworks, snowflakes or a sunset, can you remember feeling in awe? I was recently in awe at watching baby birds hatch right in front of my eyes. The look in their eyes and their reaction to their siblings was bird hatching - create a life that you love

How different could our experience be, if we spent some time in awe of this moment and our life? How could that change our next moment and the next?

If we want to experience something different, we have to do something different. If we want a different job, it’s important to think about what that would look like and what we really want, in order to create it. If we want to have more meaningful relationships, we have to have more meaningful honest conversations. We have to know what we want in order to recognize it when it shows up.

What if…. we saw the world as nothing less than a huge playground filled with wonderful opportunities and friends?

We are here to live a life of wonderment, love, and expansion.

This moment will never be here again, so enjoy the rest of 2017!!!

Fireworks - create a life that you love







blessings & love, 


Until Next Time,

Be RadiantRadicalReal.


Meditation Blues


When I was visiting a Temple in Thailand, I saw the cutest dog, sitting on the steps right underneath this huge Buddha. He obviously belonged to someone. It was like the owner said “sit here and wait for me patiently,” and his patience wore out.

I have been taught by  many teachers about meditations and one of my favorites is Vipassanā which means insight into the true nature of reality. This meditation is all about being perfectly still with the realization that nothing is permanent and nothing is personal. There have been times in practicing this meditation that I have felt like this adorable dog; I just wanted to curl up in a ball and go to sleep.

Meditation doesn’t have to be hard! It’s just about focusing the mind and managing our thoughts. It’s about being in the present moment. It’s a training in being RESPONSIVE instead of REACTIVE.

Meditation can be BEING in the moment with a sunset, or clouds or noticing the uniqueness of our hand print. It’s about being STILL in a moment and feeling that we are ONE WITH ALL THAT IS.

My prayer is that we take a moment and APPRECIATE all that WE ARE and all that WE ARE CALLED TO BE.

blessings & love,


p.s. We will be working on YOUR unique way to meditate this weekend.You can CHECK IT OUT HERE.




Our Shadow Side

I found myself feeling frustrated and resentful the other day because I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do. I was with a group and someone else was making decisions for all of us. I realized that my frustration wasn’t really about that moment, it was about the many times in my life that I had felt that I had no control over what was happening. Once I realized that my frustration was really about resentful feelings from my past, l was able to see that I did in fact have choices. With this awareness, I could immediately feel the tension leave my body. One of my friends noticed the shift in me and asked me what happened. I told her, I realized what we did was not really important.

I chose to look at my shadow, what was in my past that was really causing my frustration and defuse it. Our Shadow Side is a part of us. We can try and hide it, but we can’t. The harder we try to hide it, theLifeCoachDJ, DJ Jabin, Create A Life That You Love more obvious it becomes.

Our shadow side encompasses traits and characteristics that we are not proud of. There are some traits and characteristics that may not even be in our awareness or consciousness, but they nonetheless show up, without an invitation, when least expected. Our shadow side goes with us wherever we go, even into the darkness.

Our shadow parts where created in times of fear, they come from our past experiences.

We have all gone through experiences that we did not consciously choose. When we bring those pains, hurts and fears into the light and acknowledge them, we can become aware of our natural reactive, fight or flight behavior.
I’ve been resentful, I’ve been arrogant, I’ve been stingy, I have lied, I’ve stolen, I’ve been all of these things and more. All the traits that we consider negative are part of our shadow, part of our human nature and once we own them and say yes, I’ve done that, I’ve been that, we can start to change.
We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge.
When we shine a light in the darkness, it’s not dark anymore. I have seen people look 10 years younger, just by sharing a personal secret, something that they had hidden in their shadow most of their lives.
When I met Steven, he put on an air of being confident and funny, but everybody could see that it was just an act. Steven shared that when he was a young child, his dad did not want him to be afraid of anything, so he would take him to the roof top of their apartment building and hold his feet while dangling his body off the ledge.
Steven’s dad’s behavior back fired, Steven was afraid and felt like there was no one he could trust. He did not feel safe. He felt that if he couldn’t trust his dad to keep him safe, who could he trust.
When Steven chose to be vulnerable and share his fears and lack of trust, his shoulders dropped and a peacefulness immediately washed over his face. He was no longer hiding. He allowed himself to feel the pain and the fear and let them go. When he decided to get real with what he was hiding, he became humble and truly confident and funny.

When we acknowledge our story, our human struggles and quit trying to be something that we are not, we take our shadow into the light and own our humanism.

We have got to quit trying to be perfect because it is literally killing us.
Once we own our shadow side, it becomes easier for us to relax and live in a state of freedom and oneness with others.
We all have a shadow side. When we humble ourselves in communion with others, acknowledging  our imperfections, we connect through empathy, compassion and love.
blessings & love,
 p.s. If you want to get REAL with your shadow side, we would love for you to join us for the May 5th – 7th Retreat. You can check it out HERE.
How to Move ON

How to Move ON

When I was thinking about a name for this post, “HOW TO MOVE ON” seemed perfect. We rarely seem to grow when everything is going great. The times of growth seem to happen in the darkness, not in the light. We seem to grow when something ends and we have no choice, but to figure out “HOW TO MOVE ON.” We have many “defining moments” in our life. Some we may realize right away, others are hidden in our subconscious, all the while influencing our actions and feelings.
Growth happens in our darkest times - LifeCoachDJ

I was in my twenties, when my husband walked out on me. At first I thought I wanted to die, but I stuffed those feelings and chose to think that I was better off without him. However, I came to  realize that my self worth had really taken a beating. I was having  regular chest pains, until I got REAL with my subconscious feelings of “not feeling good enough and feeling abandoned.Create A Life That You Love Women's Retreat - May 5th - 7th - LifeCoachDJ

I was struggling with “HOW TO MOVE ON”, and decided to visit a  Catholic Church in search of comfort;
however, I left feeling even more abandoned
and ashamed that I couldn’t make my 
marriage work.

Needless to say, I was feeling like a victim and taking everything very personal.

 “HOW TO MOVE ON?” I realized I had to find my own path. When I was growing up, I had always had a relationship with God, but it was church oriented and somewhat superficial. This dark lonely time created the space for me to get on my knees and start a real intimate relationship with the God of LOVE, which turned my darkness into hope.

I knew in my heart of hearts that God loved me unconditionally!  It wasn’t about dogma or a Church, it was about LOVE. That realization sent me on a quest to “know” this LOVE more intimately. 

“HOW TO MOVE ON,” realize:

  • When one thing ends, another begins.
  • Nothing is personal.
  • Struggles are opportunities for growth.
  • We are never alone, there is a well spring of LOVE within us.
  • God is LOVE.
  • We are lovable.

blessings & love,






2017 The Year Of The Rooster

In the Chinese zodiac, 2017 is the year of the Rooster. The year of the Rooster comes around every 12 years. The Chinese zodiac also associates an element (metal, woo2017 Year of the Roosterd, water, earth or fire) to each year. This year the element associated with the Rooster is FIRE, this combination happens every 60 years.

The Rooster is a great example of strutting our stuff. Roosters are vocal, show their colors and strut without any inhibitions. 

In numerology 2017 equals 1 (2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10; zeros don’t count). The number ONE is about personal power and self confidence. The number ONE is also about our vertical connection with Spirit and unleashing our full potential and expression.

We are called to be like the Rooster, not from our ego, but rather from our unique Divine essence and boldly light the world onCreate A Life That You Love Women's Retreat - May 5th - 7th - LifeCoachDJ FIRE with love, courage and confidence.

2017 The Year Of The Rooster is our time to unapologetically shine our true light of LOVE. A time to ask and receive help from Spirit and connect with our unique Divine essence and BOLDLY share that presence with the world.

blessings & love,






Venus the Planet of Love

Venus the Planet of Love

Venus the Planet of LOVE is currently lighting up the Western Texas sky with it’s glorious bright light.

Love is my very favorite subject and Venus is the planet of Love. Venus is also the hottest known planet in our solar system with *“temperatures that reach 870 degrees Fahrenheit more than hot enough to melt lead,” from Earth it looks like a bright star. When we love, there is a brightness in our eyes and a fire in our hearts.

This is a great time to ask ourselves WHAT DO WE LOVE. I mean REALLY LOVE. Take everybody out of the picture, take all the needs and shoulds out of the equation and just be with YOUR HEART AND SOUL, take a few breaths and ASK the question, what do I REALLY REALLY LOVE. You might want to look up at the bright light of Venus and ask your SOUL this question. And then be quiet and listen.The answer may surprise you.

While your in this space of giving your SOUL A VOICE, write down 30 things that you love. They don’t have to be big things, they could be things like: dancing in the rain, being close to the water, eating a popsicle on a hot day, sitting by the fire, playing games with friends, talking about things that matter, real hugs. After you have your list, you can make a commitment to do something you love every day for 30 days, what a wonderful habit to create. You will be CREATING A LIFE THAT YOU LOVE.

blessings & love,




*(for more on Venus check out:

The Golden Rule

Most if not all major religions teach the Golden Rule: “Love others as yourself.” “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.”

How can just one sentence be so hard to live?The Golden Rule - Love others as yourself - LifeCoachDJ

The Course In Miracles says “The way to perceive for Golden Rule behavior is to look out from the perception of your own holiness and perceive the holiness of others.”

Step ONE is to realize our holiness. How many of us grew up believing that? I didn’t; between my family, teachers, piers and my church, I did not feel holy or worthy. I felt Create A Life That You Love Women's Retreat - May 5th - 7th - LifeCoachDJlike love was conditional, even God’s love. One of the greatest awakenings for me was when one of my teachers helped me become aware that I had a CHOICE in what I thought and what I believed and how I perceived things.

We are in a continual state of creation. Every thought and action takes us closer to what we want or further away from what we want. And we get to CHOOSE what we think about and how we perceive it.

We are so powerful.

When we think of ourselves as separate or different from others, we can feel fearful or alone. When we feel in communion with others, we feel connected and loved. We are holy beings and perfectly made, that doesn’t mean that our thoughts and actions are always loving; nonetheless, when we remember and embrace our true nature of loving holiness, our self defeating thoughts and actions fade away.

Step TWO is to realize the holiness in others and that we are all connected. What we don’t like in others, we don’t like in ourselves. When we CHOOSE to have compassion and empathy for others, we gain compassion and empathy for ourselves. We are continually faced with the option of CHOOSING thoughts that are based in fear or in love, creating feelings of separation or communion.

As we CHOOSE to look beyond the ego level of judgments and criticism to the SOUL level of ONENESS and connection our world changes and becomes filled with miracles of endless possibilities. With this awareness we can begin the practice of RADIANT, RADICAL, REAL LOVE. 


blessings & love,








Love is my favorite subject!!!!

Love is what we all want.

Love is simple.

We can make Love complicated.

Love is the most precious gift we can give ourselves and others.

Real Love is unconditional.

God is Love.

May we be filled with Radiant, Radical, Real Love.

blessings & love,






Our Life Is A Reflection Of Our Thoughts

Our Life Is A Reflection Of Our Thoughts


Our life is a Reflection of our Thoughts. We are creative beings, always in the process of creating. We can’t help ourselves and we can’t turn it off. What we can do is choose what we are creating. Our life is being crafted with every single thought that we have. With this awareness, we can become more proactive about what we choose to think about.

We can have outdated or false beliefs that get in the way of us Creating A Life That We Love. If we have been told our whole life that we aren’t smart, it can be challenging for us us to think the thought that we are brilliant. Challenging yet not impossible. When we become aware of a self defeating thought we can ask ourselves, where it came from and question it’s truth. We may not be very quick at math but we may be brilliant at negotiations. We can change our perception about anything. 

Because our life is a Reflection of our Thoughts, if we don’t like what we see, we can change it. If there is something in our lives and or relationships that we don’t like, instead of focusing our thoughts on what we don’t like about it, we can focus our thoughts on what we like about it and what we want it to look like and the creation begins. What we think about, we are creating, so if we keep thinking about something that we don’t like or want, we are perpetuating it’s existence. 

This idea may be new to you, it was to me. I never thought I had that much power in my own life. I just went along doing the best I could at the time. Now I realize not only the power we have in Creating A Life That We Love, but the accountability we have in the life that we are living.


We don’t have to get all wrapped up in the details of how we get “there,” we can just start feeling as if we have it. Isn’t it the feeling we are after anyway? Whether we want a fast car, better job or loving relationship, aren’t we looking for the feeling that we believe we will have once we get “it/there”? Aren’t we looking for the sense of freedom, success and most of all love in our lives. 

As we start looking at the small details of what we think we want, our vision begins to shift and change, becoming more defined in it’s creation. Sometimes we start out thinking that we want one thing only to find out, we want something else. Be careful for what you ask for……

Creating a life of peace, love and happiness begins with thoughts of peace, love and happiness.



Birthday Blues

Birthday Blues

It’s not uncommon for us to have Birthday Blues.Birthday Blues -chocolate pieces & candle Why, because our birthdays are all about us! Sometimes, when those that are closest to us don’t realize that and fail to show up the way we “expect” them to, we can generate some resentment, causing Birthday Blues. Expectations are premeditated resentments.

There are several other reasons why we can experience Birthday Blues; like having lost a loved one, health issues, disappointments or a myriad of other reasons. Because our birthdays can be an emotional day, we tend to think about these things. It’s natural. It’s a day all about us.

I recently “celebrated” my birthday, well, maybe not all day. I woke up tired from being up late the night before (note to self, it’s never good not to be at the top of your game on an emotional day like your birthday). I began my day by witnessing a beautiful sunrise and was feeling grateful for the day,Birthday Blues, Attracting Abundance and then the Birthday Blues kicked in and my mind started thinking about things; like missing my sister who I was privileged to spend my birthday with two years ago, shortly before she passed away; and my son and his family being faraway in China and other challenges just started floating into my mind.

Then, I said to my mind, “whoa, this is not the road I want to be going down, on my birthday”. So I gave myself permission to feel what I was feeling, gave my heart the space to feel deeply about the people and relationships that I care about and cried. After which, I took six nice long breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth and uncorked. 

Uncorking is done by opening the palms of our hands and making a twisting motion in the middle and pulling it out like a cork. As I breathe, I let go of all thoughts that don’t serve happiness, because I believe that we are called to be happy, not a shallow happy, but a deep to the core of our being happiness.

Sometimes when we are tired or in a place of stress or not in an optimal emotional state, it can be challenging to remember tools that we have learned which help to keep us focused on thoughts and perceptions that support our Highest good. Luckily I have been working on the finishing touches on an eBook called ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE – Opening the Chanel of Happiness,” no accidents there. So who am I writing the book for, apparently ME! The best way to learn something is to share it or teach it. I will share it with you soon.

Sadness is a part of our human experience, the trick is to not go down the rabbit hole of unhappiness. We can feel our sadness, maybe even share our sadness and then let the sadness go. We are called to be joy filled, that is our heritage, remembering that can transform our sadness into appreciation and love. When I started thinking about how blessed I was to have the relationships and love of my family and friends, by heart began to fill with gratitude and love.

 I am reminded that happiness is a choice and we get to choose what and how we think.


LifeCoachDJ Until next time BE Radiant Radical Real


Are You Happy?

I hope you had a great weekend. I did! I got to spend some time on my jet ski on the lake.

So, now that your back at work (weekly routine), what ever that may be, do you love it?

Labor Day is a “national tribut to the the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”( general history).

Do you feel like you are making a contribution?

Are you happy doing what you are doing?

I spent a lot of time trying figure out this happiness thing.

I created a video and a Guide To Happiness.

You can check it out HERE, no opt in needed.

Guide To Happiness.001

Please share with any one you know that could use some Happiness Tips.


How to be Happy

How to be happy, is more challenging than one might think. When I say happy, I mean HAPPY, feeling joy at the core of our being. For most of us, happiness can seem fleeting, we are happy and then we are not. We may be so very happy with a new relationship, job or car, yet before long our happiness has waned.

REAL Happiness, Happiness that lasts,  comes from love! Love from the inside out. How to be Happy

The ego, however, seeks to protect us from others. The ego is about separation, whereas Love is about connectedness. When we start feeling loved and lovable, the ego sends up a red flag; “danger! danger!” The ego wants to warn us against getting hurt. The ego has a way of reaching into our memory bank and reminding us of all the times that we have been hurt and disappointed, so we will keep the walls of separation up.

Yes we may get hurt. I have not met anyone that hasn’t been hurt. The secret is to realize that we can live in the PAST, in a place of hurt or live in the PRESENT, in a place of love. We have a choice. There is always growth that CAN happen through the pain. I haven’t grown in the easy times in my life, I have grown in the challenging, sad, frustrating and scary times.

From Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem In Memoriam:27, 1850:

I hold it true, whate’er befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
‘Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.

If we get stuck in the pain, we are hurting anyway. Love is so powerful and it starts with self love. When we love ourselves enough to teach people how to treat us, we confidently love. If we don’t love ourselves enough to treat ourselves with dignity and respect, why would we think someone else would.

How to be Happy:

Love starts HERE! No One can give us Self Love and No One can take it away. Self Love comes from within.

We have a Divine love within us, waiting to be accepted.


Today I pray, we receive the love that is waiting for us. We are in this together!

blessings & love, screen shot DJ small

Until next time, BE Radiant, Radical and Real!

we can grow anywhere

we can grow anywhere

We are never alone! This is at the core of all spiritual teachings. There are spiritual teachers and guides, just waiting for us to ASK for help.

God is always there for us. He gives freely, all we have to do is ASK.

“A Course In Miracles” says “Your passage through time and space is not random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time.” For those in a difficult or challenging place, this may seem harsh or untrue.

The truth is we don’t grow in the easy, we grow when we are challenged.

I went to church with a man that was stiff, hard and sometimes confrontational; yet when his beloved wife died, he shifted. He became humble, kind and sweet. He chose to grow. Conversely, I also know a mother that lost her son in an accident and every day she is sad, because she feels his loss.

When we lose someone that we love, we can honor their life or honor their death. Another mother I know lost her son to suicide, she has chosen to honor him by educating herself on family matters and communication. She now coaches families and couples on relationships.

We get to choose to grow from our experiences or feel victimized by our experiences.

dj-logo-bg_03It’s always a choice!



Until next time, BE radiantradical & real!

How to be Happy – getting off the cross

I was reminded the other night of one of my favorite sayings, “get off the cross, someone else needs the wood.”

I am sure we have all felt like a victim at some point and time in our lives. You may be feeling that way right now.

I am hear to tell you, you don’t have to feel that way. Learning that I had a choice in how I thought, changed my entire life. This one concept can change our daily experiences. As I pay more and more attention to what runs through my mind, I become more and more aware of ideas and beliefs that I unconsciously accepted as my truths.

If you are human, you have probably been hurt and have suffered. You might feel betrayed or crucified. Ok, now what? What can YOU do for yourself to resurrect from the pain, suffering and drama? How can you come down off the cross and rise above any situation? I didn’t say it was easy, but it is possible.

We hold the keys to our happiness, nobody else does.

This is a great day to choose happiness, peace, compassion and grace.

Let us ascend to a new beginning, because WE have the power to do so. It’s a choice!

blessings & love,


Until next time, BE radiantradical & real!


remembering our INNOCENCE

remembering our INNOCENCE

The Joy of Innocence!

Although it may not be remembered, most of us experienced a time of innocence,  free of fears, judgments, expectations and resentment. We were just a vessel of unconditional love.

The Course in Miracles says “The understanding of the innocent is truth.” Jesus talks about how the only way to experience heaven is like a child.

Watching my one and a half year old granddaughter Emmaus innocently give and receive love freely was such a reminder to me of how I want to be, the essence of love, only.

When her brother wanted something she had, she would just give it to him.Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.43.10 PM

She walked in my front door with a smile and open arms, ready to give and receive a kiss.

When asked if she wanted something, she was quick to respond, yes or no.

She is willing to try new things; as she was eating a bite of sand, I asked her if it was good and with a smile on her face, she energetically shook her head yes.

I was so impressed that even when asked if she was tired, she would sometimes say yes and be eager to lay down.

Oh how I aspire to be a pure vessel of innocent trusting love.

Thank you Emmaus for reminding me what unconditional love looks like.

blessings & love,


Until next time, BE RadiantRadical & Real!

choosing love over fear

choosing love over fear

Every thought matters!!!!

Every time we choose a loving thought instead of a fearful thought, we are truly changing the world, one thought at a time.

masaru emoto in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water” shows how the energy of water changes with our thoughts about the water or the environment of the water. You can put the word hate on one bottle of water and love on another bottle of water and in days the bottle of water with hate on it will turn yellowish and the bottle of water with love on it will look crystal clear.

The same goes for our thoughts of one another. Whechoose loven we think ill of someone, they may become ill. When think and feel love for someone, they can feel healthy and loved. We can add to someone’s well being or try and take away from someone’s well being.

The way for us to always feel loved and healthy is to always feel loving and lovable. I am not saying this is easy when stuff is happening, but that is when it is most imperative to our own health and happiness.

As long as we are coming from a place of love and grace, the Universe will support us ALWAYS! It is when we are challenged that we have the opportunity to be a miracle worker by choosing love over fear (resentment or anger). This is when miracles happen. When we are in a state of intense love for all that is, change happens! Change can be exciting and challenging, it always calls us to do something different. It takes us out of our comfort zone.

The secret is to always choose love over fear and NOTHING, I mean NOTHING can harm us.

Today I pray, we choose love over fear in every instance. We are miracle workers! It’s a choice!

And so it is!

blessings & love,

screen shot DJ small


Until next time, BE radiantradical & real!

being homeless

We are all truly just moments from being homeless. Think about it, there are several scenarios that could take us there.

I found myself in that unexpected scenario in the late 70’s when my first husband left me. I didn’t have to go, yet I knew I did. I had been living a life that left me feeling trapped within my own skin.

There were so many beliefs that I had grown up with that were no longer feeling comfortable within my skin.

In a desperate attempt to escape myself, I put all my belonging into storage and headed to Florida. I was going to put my goody toe shoes up on the shelf and let my hair down; only to find out that I am a goody toe shoes. My vulnerability is the best part of me. I found out that no one can take my innocent and belief in the good of all away from me, it’s my choice to give it up and I refuse. I continue to choose to see the best in everything. I believe this is my best quality, love.

Sure stuff happens. It’s our choice what we do with it. We can hold on to resentment or choose forgiveness and love instead. I am not saying it’s easy, it’s a choice.

Today, I pray we choose innocent in love, forgetting our past hurts and choosing to love in the moment.


managing our thoughts and emotions

managing our thoughts and emotions

“A Course in Miracles” tells us, it is the will of God for us to feel peace and joy!  I believe this with my whole heart. The struggle is that sometimes the ego gets in the way. The ego is about separateness, the Holy Spirit is about oneness. No wonder we are a bit schizophrenic.

We tend to feel this division of Holy Self and the ego self even more when we are out of balance due to hormones, stress or loss. Let’s face it, we want to feel in control, but the truth of the matter is we are not in control. We can barely control our emotions much less our thoughts; they seem to have a mind of their own.

In order to achieve peace and joy, we have to surrender. We must surrender to the fact that we don’t know what’s best for us, much less anybody else. When we surrender our ego over to our Highest self, the Holy Spirit within, we can relax and breathe in the knowing that all is well with our Soul.

Every encounter or experience is an opportunity for growth, it’s up to us to see it as such.

We are creative beings just like our Creator. We are healers! Every time we choose to be proactive in love instead of reactive out of fear, we are truly changing the moment and the consciousness of the world.

Today, I pray we choose love, peace and joy as we manage our thoughts and emotions.

And so it is!

blessings & love,

screen shot DJ small



Until next time, BE radiantradical & real!

the kingdom is within and without

The truth is, we are part of everything and everything is a part of us. Jesus talks about the kingdom of God is within. “A Course in Miracles” speaks about the fact that the kingdom cannot be found alone. We can find the kingdom within ourselves and mirrored in others. In other words, as we extend the love of God to others we feel it within ourselves.

As we see the essence of God in others, we experience a moment of unconditional love. As we unconditionally love someone and see their capacity for unconditional love, we are radically changing the consciousness of the world. We are BEING an extension of God. As we all come together in this realization, the kingdom of God is realized.

Today, I pray we see the love of God in our eyes and extend that love to everyone we encounter.

And so it is!

blessings & love,


Until next time, BE radiantradical & real!