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DJ has been facilitating retreats for over a decade. Currently two retreats a year are being held on Lake Texoma, North or Dallas, TX, one in May and one in October. You can find out more information for the next Retreat HERE. This is an amazing value for your money, it is a personal time with DJ and a small intimate group.


DJ accepts a limited number of clients that she personally works with weekly or biweekly through coaching calls.


Group calls with a common purpose and individual coaching.


If you want to discover your message or the mission for your business, DJ is a master at creating a space for discovery, healing and growth; creating a life that you LOVE.

Contact us and we will explore the possibilities.

“DJ is not just a “coach” or “intuitive,” she’s a guide that will surprise and challenge you around each corner.” Odell Stunkard

“DJ has positively pushed me off my comfy spot.” Natalie Wood

“DJ has given me the tools to achieve peace in my life through Spirit.” Nicole Smith

“It is great to see the work that I have done on myself show up in my daughter’s growth…” Amy Schornick

“DJ can hold your feet to the fire in the nicest way.” Sonora O.

“Working with DJ has allowed me to spin a dream out into the universe and I’m living it.” Gwen Hanson

“DJ, in one glance, can look at your deepest truth and pull it out from within you so that you begin to live it.” Avery Knott 



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